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Biographical Statement: John Thomas is a born artist; one of those breeds who took to drawing and studying forms at an early age.  His subjects were things that surrounded him in his childhood - trucks, planes, cars, boats, and heavy machinery.  Objects that all young boys fascinate over, Thomas studied for hours, seeking and perfecting their forms and nuances on paper.  Even then, Thomas looked to his everyday surroundings for inspiration. Growing up on a ranch in Texas, he began using found objects to create abstract assemblages and collages. Thomas’ early penchant for art and natural talent lead him to San Francisco State University, where he obtained a B.F.A. in Fine Art.  While pursuing his degree, he spent a year abroad, in Aix-en-Provence, France. Rich in history, with its unique light that influenced so many artists that came before him, Thomas experienced the ethereal and pensive aura of this region, which still influences his work today. The work of John Thomas is both abstract and representational.  Common shapes, symbols, and objects float in and out of the picture plane, working against and with abstract elements such as color fields, paint drips, and scribbled lines.  Rendered instinctually, the composition works itself out as he goes, in hopes that the image will provoke thought and conjure sensation for the observer.  

Artist Statement: Painting should provoke thought and conjure sensation.  It is my wish to reach the observer’s physical and spiritual being, as the act of painting does for me. 
My artistic calling has been undeniable since my earliest memories.  The urge to create is second nature to me – something I have always done.  It is the infinite realm of possibility in creating art that excites and thrills me.  Inspiration surrounds me in my everyday life.   The representational aspect of my work is drawn from my fascination with objects that I come across casually or accidentally. These objects often become the subject or material, or both, for my work.  From mundane objects such as motorcyle parts, old window frames, trash on the sidewalks, to iconography you see daily, such as the stars and stripes of the American flag, if it catches my attention, it will present itself when I paint. By rendering these everyday objects that others may see as worthless or mundane, I feel that I pay homage to their existance and thank them for their service or purpose.   I supppose that I owe the awareness in valuing everyday objects to the modern masters – Picasso, Duchamp, Rauchenberg, Johns.   My love for paint, color, and its fluidity and modulation drives the abstract element of my work.  The various and infinite character of paint entices me to work with it, to represent it’s seductive and expressive nature.    As an artist, I have learned to trust my instict, and have faith that the painting will give back to me, what I put into them.  Moreover, if someone looking at the work can conjure their own thoughts and feel sensations, then I would feel that I give my inspiration justice. 


Interests:   I enjoy much of what living in Southern California has to offer.  Sun and Surf is what led me to California twenty something years ago!  Believe it or not I grew up surfing in Corpus Christi, Texas; yes Padre Island, Texas.  Surfing continues to challenge and reward me on a weekly basis.  Other fun includes cycling, mountain biking, motorcycling, playing music with friends, and my 10 year old daughter, Zoe.